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EzKonnects™ Our system creates a simple innovative way of bringing boats and personal watercrafts together.

Just KONNECT & FLOAT!™ It is light weight, corrosion and UV resistant. When not in use it’s compact design allows for simple and easy storage.

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EzKonnects™ is the first multifunctional watercraft mooring system to bring boats and personal watercrafts together safely and efficiently. The 3 in 1 button functions as a vacuum pump, indicator and vacuum release. The spherical joint allows for 360° rotation for any angle installation. This allows for a broad range of up, down and lateral movement of the watercrafts, up to 55°. Also works as a continuous vacuum pump. As the watercrafts move, the piston continuously pumps vacuum to the duel suction cups. The progressive dampener around the spherical joint allows for a smooth transition from one angle of movement to the other. The duel 6” suction cups per side have independent mobility to assist with easy install on uneven surfaces. The center rod has the ability to adjust from 15” to 21”.

EzKonnects™ handle assembly also includes a safety tether. Just Konnect & Float!™


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