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Is The First Multifunctional Watercraft Mooring System to Konnect Boats Together

EzKonnects™ is the First multifunctional watercraft mooring system

Our system creates a simple innovative way of bringing boats and personal watercrafts together.  KONNECT & FLOATIts ergonomic design is compact, lightweight and easy to install with slip resistant handles. The center rod assembly is fully adjustable from 15” to 21”.

frequently asked questions

What You Need to Know About EzKonnects™

The number of EzKonnects™ required depends on your boats length and weight. As a general rule of thumb we recommend the following:

0 to 30 feet: 2 Pieces (1 set)

30 to 45 feet: 2 Pieces (1 sets)

45 to 60 Feet: 4 Pieces (2 Sets)

Boats are wet… So we made EzKonnects™ easy to Konnect in wet or dry weather.

Yes! But not recommended. EzKonnects™ is designed and engineered to handle some wakes and rough water.

Fully assembled, EzKonnects™ will keep your boats 21″ apart.

Our system is adjustable from 15” to 21”

EzKonnects™ vacuum suction cups are designed not to leave marks. While extremely rare, if they do leave a light mark it can be removed after a quick wash.

YES!  EzKonnects™ vacuum suctions cups are designed to work on flat and curvature surfaces.


Use Promo Code FLIBS and Save!

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Use Promo Code FLIBS and Save!



Use Promo Code FLIBS and Save!



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