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What You Need to Know About EzKonnects™

The number of EzKonnects™ required depends on your boats length and weight. As a general rule of thumb we recommend the following:

0 to 30 feet: 2 Pieces (1 set)

30 to 45 feet: 2 Pieces (1 sets)

45 to 60 Feet: 4 Pieces (2 Sets)

Boats are wet… So we made EzKonnects™ easy to Konnect in wet or dry weather.

Yes! But not recommended. EzKonnects™ is designed and engineered to handle some wakes and rough water.

Fully assembled, EzKonnects™ will keep your boats 21″ apart.

Our system is adjustable from 15” to 21”

EzKonnects™ vacuum suction cups are designed not to leave marks. While extremely rare, if they do leave a light mark it can be removed after a quick wash.

YES!  EzKonnects™ vacuum suctions cups are designed to work on flat and curvature surfaces.